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Jack stabilizer for Airstream trailers. Your Airstream comes with four of these jacks stabilizers, when used they make your trailer more stable and reduces rocking caused by walking around in the trailer when parked. To see how to use them see the video here If you buy 4 jacks we will include the crank at no extra charge.

Tools required: hammer, center punch, drill motor, 13/64" diameter drill bit, 3/8" socket and ratchet.
NOTE: Park trailer on level ground . Prevent wheels from rolling by using tire chocks, landing gear, or tongue jack.
STEP 1. Remove stabilizers from package. Crank stabilizers open and slide them under the trailer frame at determined locations. Crank open so stabilizers contact the trailer frame and stabilizers support themselves
STEP 2. For each stabilizer place the front (wide) mounting plate flush with the outer surface of the trailer frame. Position the rear (narrow) mounting plate against the crossmember so one of the mounting holes lines up with the crossmember. Crank the stabilizer open until it is secure against the ground and frame
STEP 3. With the stabilizers in the desired locations, use the mounting plates as a template. Mark the mounting hole locations on the trailer frame with a center punch. Remove stabilizers. Drill (3 each) 13/64" holes in the trailer frame, two at the wide mounting plate location and one in the crossmember for the narrow mounting plate for each stabilizer 
STEP 4. Reposition the stabilizers and mount to the trailer frame using the 3/8" socket and ratchet with the self threading screws and lock washers 
STEP 5. Make sure stabilizers are cranked up before moving trailer.
STEP 1. Park Airstream on level ground, prevent wheels from rolling by using tire chocks.
STEP 2. Level trailer fore and aft using tongue jack or landing gear.
STEP 3. Check level gauge for low side of trailer, crank down stabilizers on low side first, brining the trailer to a fine level position.
STEP 4. Crank down stabilizers on opposite side of trailer to insure maximum stability. Then re-snug stabilizers on low side of trailer if necessary.
NOTE - BEFORE MOVING TRAILER: Crank up stabilizers to fully closed position and tighten 1/4 turn to secure in travel position (this prevents stabilizers from working open due to road vibration).
MAINTENANCE: Use small amounts of WD-40 or similar lubricant on drive screw threads and bolt locations as required.

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Jack stabilizer Manual 23' and Larger Airstream Trailers

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