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  • Dexter Torflex (Dura Torque) Axle Beam Only

Please call us to order your axle so we can help you get the right axle for your trailer.

Dexter Dura Torque Torsion Axles Bare, 10 inch or 12 inch brake flange. Airstream trailers are equipped with these torsion axles to help give them greater stability and handling. Torsion bar suspension is generally considered to be the most durable method of suspension, but even torsion bar axles will eventually need to be replaced.

There are a couple of ways to tell if your Airstream axle needs to be replaced. One way is to load the trailer to it's maximum weight rating and then look at the torsoin arm on the axle. It should be in a positive position. If it is parallet to the frame, known as "0" angle, or if it is at a negative angle then the axle needs to be replaced. 

The way to see if the axle needs to be replaced is to jack up one side of the trailer and then check the now elevated tires. The tire should drop about 3 inches once it's not bearing any weight. If it doesn't drop at least three inches then that means that the torsion bar no longer has any spring to it and needs to be replaced.

 Dexter Torfelx Axles have the following features:

  • Totally rubber-cushioned for smooth, quiet, independent ride
  • Easy installation with less maintenance
  • Less transfer of road shock which insulates cargo from road shocks and vibration
  • Rubber cords compounded for maximum dependability and durability
  • Load-carrying cross member
  • Self-damping action
  • Independent wheel suspension system
  • 5 year limited warranty on suspension system
  • Low profile for maximum road clearance
  • Various starting angles to control trailer height
  • High and low profile brackets with optional mounting brackets available
  • Rubber cushioning eliminates metal-to-metal contact
  • Shock absorption provided by the natural hysteresis of rubber
  • Single or tandem axle assemblies
  • Durable, wear-resistant components
  • High strength 3" diameter tube
  • Durable, wear-resistant components
  • 2 year limited warranty

Call for your correct application. All axles must be shipped freight. Please call for a quote since special shipping arrangements are necessary.




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Dexter Torflex (Dura Torque) Axle Beam Only

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