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Checking the Magnet on your Airstream 

Without removing the magnet assembly from the brake, inspect the magnet for wear and flatness.

If the magnet rubbing surface is flat it need not be replaced until the friction element shows signs of wearing through. A magnet that is not wearing flat must be replaced, since it cannot function efficiently. To check the wearing surface for flatness, lay a scale or straight-edge on the magnet as shown in Figure 11


Before replacing with a new magnet, determine the cause of the improper wear. First check the magnet lever pivot. A worn pivot bushing can cause the magnet lever to cock, thus allowing the magnet to tip against the armature plate. If this condition exists, the lever assembly should be replaced. When reinstalling magnets, be sure to install the loom (lead wires) properly, avoiding kinks and allowing ample clearance for the lever to move through its full travel. Operate the lever in both directions to be sure the loom moves properly without binding, kinking, or interfering with lever movement.


j.       Magnet Bench Check


To check electrically, remove the magnet for bench test. To check for a possible coil-to-case short, connect the magnet with the ammeter as shown in Figure 12. Since the short may be intermittent, move the leads and rap the magnet while checking. If the ammeter shows current, a short is present. Replace with a new magnet assembly.


To check for possible shorts within the magnet coil, connect as shown in Figure 13. Check current. It should be 3.0 to 3.5 AMPS. If not, replace magnet.

Installation Instructions Magnet Kits for Kelsey-Hayes Electric Brakes




1.     Remove the wheel and hub and drum assemblies from the vehicle.

2.     Disconnect the magnet lead connector wires from the vehicle wiring.

3.     Using hand pliers, remove the magnet retaining ring from the magnet retaining pin.

4.     Remove magnet and magnet spring from the brake.

5.     Unplug magnet wires from magnet lead connector.

6.     Remove the magnet lead connector from the brake backing plate.





1.     Install the strain relief adapter into the brake backing plate where the magnet lead connector was removed.

2.     Install the loom supplied in the kit over the magnet wires and push down against the back of the magnet casting.

3.     Place the two magnet wires in the strain relief (right angle). Be sure the strain relief is up against the end of the loom. The strain relief will keep the loom in place.

4.     Close the strain relief (right angle) over the magnet wires.

5.     Place the spring supplied in the kit over the magnet pin.

6.     Place the magnet assembly over the magnet pins and install the new magnet retaining ring. Using pliers squeeze the retaining ring into the magnet pin groove.

7.     Place the magnet loomed wire through the wire clip and push the magnet wires through the strain relief adapter in the backing plate. Push the strain relief (right angle) into the strain relief adapter.

8.     Rewire the magnet leads to the trailer wiring.

9.     Install wheel and hub and drum assemblies.

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Airstream Brake Magnet 12" Oval

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