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  • Bathroom vent cover

Will replace Airstream Bath Vent cover (part # 690266-01)

The vent cover is slightly smaller than the other vent covers on the roof of an Airstream Trailer and vents the air from the bathroom. The removal and installation process is simple but it is very important that it be done right or you can cause damage to your Airstream.


Removal and Installation Instruction

First remove the screws on the bevel on the inside of the trailer.
Using a ladder, get on the roof of the trailer. IMPORTANT! Never climb onto the roof of your trailer without using a thick pad that can cushion and distribute your body weight across a wider area. Failure to do so will result in dents and scuffs
Remove the top section of the vent. Using sealant to attach (click here for our recommended sealant), slide the new vent cover into place.
Reattach the bevel on the inside of the bathroom cabin using screws.

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Bathroom vent cover

  • Brand: Airstream
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