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Dexter Trailer Brakes OEM

12" x 2" Passengers'-side electric trailer brake assembly fits 6,000-lb axles. Mounting flange has 5-bolt pattern. 


  • Configuration:right hand (passengers side)
  • Dimensions: 12" diameter x 2" thick
  • Mounting flange: 5 bolt
  • Axle rating: up to 6,000 lbs


Airstream Brake Assembly Removal and Installation


1.     Jack trailer at marked jack location and behind axle on main frame.

2.     Index marks should be added to wheel and drum. Realign these marks when replacing wheel thus eliminating the need for wheel/drum rebalance.

3.     Remove hub cap or spindle cover, wheel and tire.

4.     Remove dust cap.

5.     Remove cotter pin.

6.     Remove spindle nut and washer.

7.     Remove hub/drum and outer bearing.

8.     Remove brake by taking off five bolts attaching brake to brake flange and spindle.

9.     To install, reverse procedure. Be sure bearings are clean before installing. See page 1-14 for wheel bearing installation procedure.

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Backing Plate Assembly 6000# 12" RH Only, Self Adjusting 316347

  • Brand: Dexter
  • Product Code: 316347
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $69.25

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