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  • LP Leak Monitor Black 512539-01

Airstream LP Leak Monitor Black


Used ToLP Gas Detectors
TypeWall Mounted Detector
Alert TypeTo Leak With Beeping
Length3-3/8 Inch
Width2-1/4 Inch

Surface mount Flush mount End False Alarms Long Life Intelligent Sensor Minimal Power Draw Easily Reset DC or Rectified AC The Protechtor Series monitor features a microprocessor sensor combination that actually records & displays low level concentrations of gas, and indicates their presence before they become a threat as well as recording the low level presence over time. Low levels of carbon monoxide over time is almost as great a hazard as high levels. They also feature the highest level of discrimination against false alarms due to high humidity or other gases and vapors such as hair spray, ammonia or alcohol. Should the alarm be triggered, only Atwood?s Protechtor series has the UL approved feature that allows the consumer to silence the unit. If the level of gas has not gone down after 4 minutes, the alarm sounds again. The alarm may be reset an unlimited number of times and each time is refreshed to allow full sensing capabilities in less than 5 minutes. Minimal power consumption of only 120mA at 12 volts DC. These units will operate on a DC supply source providing versatile hook-up options. The detector will continue to operate down to 8 volts DC, when virtually all systems have shut down due to low power. Can be flush mounted or surface mounted.

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LP Leak Monitor Black 512539-01

  • Brand: Hydro Flame
  • Product Code: 512539-01
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  • $79.54

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