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  • Marshall Excelsior Test Gauge Kit

Marshall Excelsior Test Gauge Kit for Airstream Trailer

Use this tool to check the pressure in your Airstream LP system to make sure you don't have leaks. To use connect it to the LP system, often the stove or gas port are good places to hook it in. Turn the system on and back off. The needle should show about 11" to indicate a normal system. That pressure should remain for about 15 minutes after turning it off.


  • Adjustable Gauge Models Can Be Reset To Zero With Provided Screwdriver
  • Designed To Check For Gas Leaks By Verifying The Line Pressure Of An Appliance
  • Three Foot Rubber Hose With Bell
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty                                 
  • Manufacturer Warranty Disclaimer: Please be advised the Warranty is provided by the Manufacturer. Silver Trailer Supply is not responsible for your warranty. Please view the manufacturer's website for warranty details and always have your part installed by authorized service centers or your warranty could be VOID.

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Marshall Excelsior Test Gauge Kit

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