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  • Nuvite Nushine II C Grade Medium

Step 2 Nuvite Nushine II C Grade Medium Airstream polishing Compound 

Nuvite engineers have formulated a system of polishes to meet the needs for almost any metal and paint polishing project. New metal to antique, the formulations in the NuShine II Polishing System will give superior definition, highlights, imagery, clarity, and will retain the finish longer than normal polishes. Nuvite’s NuShine II graded polishes use high technology materials with programmed abrasive characteristics and are blended with superior carriers to offer the ability to produce cutting action when needed, yet offer micron-level finishing in the finer grades that produces highest reflectance and image excellence.

Grade C (for unpolished aluminum and repolishing degraded brightwork)
C is a cutting grade polish that we recommend to prep for using Grade S. Use Grade C to begin polishing on clad aluminum that has never been polished. Will also remove the cloudy/hazy white background found in many otherwise good polish finishes. 

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Nuvite Nushine II C Grade Medium

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